Google Chrome problems running on Windows 7

I am running Windows 7 and Google Chrome.  Recently, I updated Chrome to the latest version, 38.  After that I had nothing but problems with Chrome.   New tabs wouldn’t open, pop-up windows would be blank and hang, etc..  It was so bad, that I started using Internet Explorer again!

Finally, when I had some free time I Googled a bit, I found a fix.

The fix is to set the Compatibility Mode to Windows 7.  To do this, open the Properties (right-click on icon on Chrome icon on desktop), click on the Compatibility tab (see screen shot below), check the ‘Run this program in compatibility mode for:’ checkbox, select ‘Windows 7’ in the drop-down.  Note: you can also works for Windows Vista, Windows XP, and many other versions.

Chrome Settings


Since making this change, I have not had any problems using Chrome.