How to delete extended absence greeting on Virgin Mobile voice mail

I was changing my Virgin Mobile voice mail greeting and pressed the key(2) to record an extended absence greeting.  After pressing the key, it would not let me cancel out so I proceeded to record the greeting.  After recording the greeting, I tried every option, including recording a new regular greeting, but was unable to delete the extended greeting.

I went online and could not find the answer to this question.  I am writing this blog post so that it is available online if somebody else has this same problem.  I even called the Virgin Help Desk and they just told me to re-record the greeting.  I knew that this didn’t work.  So, how did I fix it…I exited my voice mail, then got back in.  Immediately, it told me that I had the extended greeting on and asked me if I wanted to keep it or delete it.  I proceeded to delete it which got rid of the extended absence greeting.

The extended absence greeting was interesting because when you called my number, it gave a greeting and did NOT allow anybody to leave a message.  I could see a use for this to prevent frivolous messages being left on my phone, such as ‘I called you’..obviously I know that you called because I see you as a missed call!!!

To actually get rid of voice mail completely you would have to remove the feature from your calling plan.