How to use PHP includes in HTML files?

Originally, I built my web sites with just plain HTML.  To make it easier and not have to duplicate HTML I used include files to include common HTML that I had on my web sites, e.g. Google Analytics code, Copyright, internal and external links, contact information.  For example, the html include syntax I used to include the common Google Analytics code was:

<!–#include virtual=”includeanalytics.html” –>

However, I wanted more functionality on my web sites, so I started using PHP 5.3 on my host (GoDaddy).  When I set up PHP to run for my websites, all my includes stopped working.  This is because the .html files were being interpreted by the PHP engine.  To fix this, I had to use PHP include syntax, e.g.

<?php include(‘includeanalytics.html’); ?>

After using this syntax, my includes worked correctly.  So, this is how to use PHP includes in HTML files.


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