What does it mean when someone tweets my Twitter User id out with #FF hashtag?

As a relatively new Twitter user I am still learning about it.  Lately, people have tweeted out my Twitter User Id with other Twitter User Ids  and with the hashtag #FF, e.g.

#FF Part 2!! @BC_InsuranceGal @byrohlp @CineFixNetwork @hannahorens @KenAMcG @nithiamarimuthu @numbercrunchers @PaultheRockGod @Yamo_chan

So, what does it mean when someone tweets out my Twitter User Id with the #FF hashtag?

Looking up #FF, I found that it means “Follow Friday”, and is obviously used on Fridays!  And for etiquette reasons should only be used on Fridays.  So, the tweet is a Twitter user acknowledging the ids (i.e. people) that are in the list.  So, it is a good thing!

Also, it can be that Twitter user recommending other people similar to you.   I usually click on the other Twitter User Ids and see if I am following them already or not.  If not, I follow them.

Another interesting thing that I see people do is say “Part 2” which obviously means that this is the 2nd tweet of #FF that they did.

I’ve also noticed that successful Twitter users do this regularly.  I am going to start doing it soon!


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