How to change GoDaddy session timeout limit?

I use GoDaddy for my hosting.  Quite frequently, I will sign in to GoDaddy, uploaded some changed files, then test the changes, make updates, then re-upload the files.  I found that if I keep the FTP File Manager open, then I can continue to upload files without my session timing out.  However, if I go to do anything else in my account, I usually get a timeout message.  I don’t know for sure, but the timeout limit for GoDaddy seems to be around 15 minutes.  If you are on some GoDaddy screens it will pop-up a message saying that it is timing out and give you the option to extend your session.  Frequently though, I don’t see this pop-up and have to logon again.  The last time I called GoDaddy support, I asked if they could the timeout limit for me.  I was told that it was a global setting and that they could not raise the limit for me.  So, the answer is No, you cannot change the GoDaddy session timeout limit.

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