How to generate more traffic to website from YouTube videos

I am trying various methods to increase the traffic to my web sites.  One method is to put videos up on YouTube.  However, I found that my videos were not being viewed too frequently.  Then, I realized that you should update the ‘Basic Information’ about each video.  For example,

YouTube screen shot showing fields that can be optimized to generate more views and hence more traffic to your website
YouTube screen shot showing fields that you should optimize for each of your videos in order to increase views.

for my web site video, I  did the following:

  1. Updated the Category to ‘Travel and Events’.
  2. Added a ‘call to action’ at the end of the Description telling the user to ‘Go to’ my web site.
  3. Added Tags that seemed appropriate.  Just type in the word(s) that you want as Tags and press Tab.  Note that YouTube gives you suggested tags below the Tags field that you can just click on.

I’m hoping that these simple updates will generate more views of my videos and hopefully more views will generate more traffic to my web site.  I will report back later to let you know how well this worked!


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